Sep 24, 2020 19:24 UTC
  •  Yemen’s al-Masirah TV publishes documents disclosing US interference

A Yemeni television network has published a number of classified and top-secret documents from the United States’ diplomatic mission in the West Asian country, which reveal Washington's interference in the internal affairs of Yemen since many years ago.

The US embassy’s documents were publicized by the al-Masirah television network before the September 21 Revolution – the 2014 popular uprising that toppled the Saudi-backed government of former Yemeni president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, and included directives from previous American ambassador Gerald M. Feierstein to the Presidency on transfer of the so-called “anti-terrorism units” from the Ministry of Interior to Defense Ministry.

The leaks also exposed US directives on limiting the role of the units to security forces guarding the Yemeni land and maritime borders.

Furthermore, the US embassy’s documents ordered that presidential decrees be issued immediately for the appointment of a number of military commanders in various ranks, including a new commander for the Yemeni special operations forces, his deputy, and the deputy chief of the General Staff.

Separately, the documents issued by Yemen’s National Security Bureau (NSB) at the time revealed the US’ leading role in and its close supervision over destruction of Yemeni air defense systems, chiefly Strela short-range and surface-to-air missile system (SAMs).

The files disclosed that the American side had directed its activities towards serving the interests of the US national security, with complete disregard for Yemen’s interests.

Earlier this year, a Yemeni security source said the United States had destroyed the country’s air defense missiles during the reign of slain Yemeni president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, over allegations that the weapons would fall into al-Qaeda hands in case the then Yemeni administration was toppled.