Oct 01, 2020 18:45 UTC
  •  Syria rejects any deal with Israel that will cause harm to Palestinian cause

A Syrian diplomat says his country will never clinch an agreement with the Israeli regime that will undermine the interests of the Arab world, particularly the Palestinian cause.

The unnamed official at the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said on Thursday that Damascus has pursued a principled and coherent policy throughout the decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict, slamming any attempts to forfeit Palestinians’ rights and expropriate their land.

“Syria stands up for its own rights and strongly opposes any concession or individual agreement, irrespective of its form and content, in this regard. Syria reiterates that it has always rejected any deal or treaty with the Israeli enemy, which harms Arabs in general, and the Palestinian cause in particular,” Syrian Arab News Agency quoted the official as saying.

He added that previous experiences have well shown that normalization and agreements have only added to the arrogance and obstinacy of the Israeli regime, and weakened and divided Arabs in return.

“Syria’s campaign against terrorism and the fallout it has endured up until now has only cemented the country’s commitment to its principles as regards rejection of normalization and establishment of a just and comprehensive peace in accordance with the international law and UN resolutions,” the official pointed out.

The remarks come as the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain signed normalization agreements with the Tel Aviv regime last month.