Nov 22, 2020 08:57 UTC
  • BDS condemns Pompeo's move to label it anti-Semitic

The humanitarian anti-Israeli regime movement Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) has slammed hawkish US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for accusing the pro-Palestinian group of being “anti-Semitic."

“It’s quite ironic that the Trump administration, prompted by Israel’s apartheid regime, continues to enable and normalize white supremacy and anti-Semitism in the US and worldwide while simultaneously smearing BDS, a leading Palestinian-led human rights movement and its millions of supporters worldwide as ‘anti-Semitic,’” the BDS declared in Friday statement in response to Pompeo’s remarks during a meeting with Israeli regime’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The group further insisted that it “has consistently and categorically rejected all forms of racism, including anti-Jewish racism as a matter of principle.” 

The statement came after the top US diplomat announced on Thursday the State Department’s decision to list the BDS movement as an anti-Semitic organization during a joint press conference with Netanyahu, further describing the group as “a cancer.”

Washington "will regard the global anti-Israel BDS campaign as anti-Semitic... We want to stand with all other nations that recognize the BDS movement for the cancer that it is," Pompeo claimed during his last tour of occupied Palestine as the US Secretary of State.

“The BDS movement for Palestinian freedom, justice and equality, stands with all those struggling for a more dignified, just and beautiful world,” the group emphasized in its statement. “With our many partners, we shall resist these McCarthyite attempts to intimidate and bully Palestinian, Israeli and international human rights defenders into accepting Israeli apartheid and settler-colonialism as fate.”

The BDS movement, which is active on an international scale, seeks to "Achieve freedom, justice and equality, and works to protect the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people," according to its press release reacting to Pompeo’s allegations.