Jan 04, 2021 06:53 UTC

The Palestinian-Iranian Friendship Association has held a ceremony in Syria’s capital Damascus to pay tribute to Iran's top Commander Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani who was assassinated by the US in Iraq one year ago.

According to Press TV, the ceremony attended by Syrians, Palestinians, Iranians and Yemenis. Iran’s ambassador to Syria asserted that the resistance front will continue to fight back against any aggression, reiterating the assassination was a sign of the weakness of the US.

Delegates from Syria’s BASP and Yemen also delivered words on Lt. General Soleimani and his achievements in leading resistance fighters against the Western plots in the region.

Vice SG of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine said Lt. General Soleimani told him the only path to liberate Palestine was armed struggle and national unity between Palestinians. Photos of Lt. General Soleimani were also exhibited, showing moments of his missions across Syria and Iraq.

For years, Lt. General Soleimani led Iranian military advisers in Syria at the Arab country's request and played a key-role in defeating Daesh terrorists as well as restoring security to hundreds of square kilometers across the country.

For over a week, Syrians, Iranians and Palestinians in Syria have commemorated Lt. General Soleimani’s martyrdom. And, as observers say, contrary to the US and its regional allies' will, General Soleimani’s assassination has further strengthened unity among all members of the resistance front.