Feb 21, 2021 08:13 UTC

Palestinians in the Gaza strip held a press conference aimed at expressing their refusal of the recent normalization of ties with [the] Israeli regime.

According to Press TV, the conference comes as a code of ethics for Palestinian journalists and media institutes to stress their rejection for normalizing ties with Israel.

A number of Palestinian leaders, activists and journalists attended the conference and condemned establishing Israeli relations, stressing that no deal can bring peace to Israel in the West Asia.

Palestinian journalists and activists added that media has a significant role in conveying the true image of the inhuman Israeli regime and refused any normalization of ties with Israel in terms of media.

Palestinians call on Arab and Muslim nations to end these normalization of ties with Israel that aims to demolish the historical Palestinian cause. So far, a number of Arab states have normalized their ties with Israel, including the UAE and Bahrain. The move has sparked harsh criticism among the Muslim nations.

Palestinians stress they strongly refuse to recognize Israel and reject the normalization of ties with the Tel Aviv regime by certain countries. They say resistance is ongoing and no deal can bring peace to Israel at the expense of Palestinians.