Feb 22, 2021 08:26 UTC
  • Tel Aviv Expands the Dimona nuclear weapons facility

Recently published satellite images by the International panel on fissile material have revealed that Israel is expanding its Dimona nuclear facility in the Negev Desert. Israel has acknowledged the existence of the Dimona nuclear reactor; however it neither confirms nor denies the purpose of the facility.

According to Press TV, the site has provided the Israeli regime the material needed for its nuclear arsenal. According to a  report by a nonprofit organization named Federation of American Scientists, published in 2020, Israel possesses close to 100 atomic nuclear warheads that are made from plutonium produced in a Dimona heavy water reactor.

However, other sources have put that figure at 300, with some estimates even going as far as 400 nuclear warheads.

The Israeli regime has a deliberate ambiguity policy on its nuclear arsenal, which means despite being the only possessor of nuclear weapons in West Asia, it always refuses to accept or deny having any.

Israel has always turned a deaf ear to international calls on nuclear transparency, and it has never allowed any inspections of its nuclear facilities.

With the invariable support of Washington the regime has so far defied the international calls to join the non proliferation treaty, or NPT, which aims to halt the spread of nuclear arms and weapons technology.

This is all while Israel has constantly accused the Islamic Republic of Iran of weaponization of its peaceful nuclear programme and assassinated several nuclear scientists in recent years; however, Iran has rejected all these accusations, as it was among the first nations to sign the NPT.