Apr 09, 2021 17:26 UTC
  • US wars, hegemonic aspirations lead to horrific disasters: Report

A Chinese human rights organization says the United States’ military interventions and hegemonic aspirations have caused “horrific humanitarian disasters” across the globe.

China’s largest non-governmental organization, the China Society for Human Rights Studies, said in a report on Friday that Washington’s foreign wars, launched under the banner of “humanitarian intervention,” have not only cost the belligerent parties a large number of military casualties but also caused extremely serious civilian deaths and property damage.

“The selfishness and hypocrisy of the United States have also been fully exposed through these foreign wars,” it said.

The report cited a list of instances of US aggression, from its intervention in Greece in 1947 to its opposition to the Venezuelan government.

Conflicts in Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria were also among the major US wars cited in the report.

“Choosing to use force irrespective of the consequences reveals the hegemonic aspirations of the United States,” the report said.

“Only by discarding the hegemonic thinking, which is chiefly motivated by self-interest, can we prevent humanitarian intervention from becoming humanitarian disasters,” it added.