Apr 15, 2021 14:10 UTC
  • UN Security Council must slam killers of Yemeni people not exalt them: Top Yemeni official

A high-ranking member of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council has called on the United Nations Security Council to condemn parties involved in the massacre of innocent Yemeni people than to glorify them, terming as “useless and futile” any meeting by the world body which does not address the deteriorating humanitarian crisis in the impoverished West Asian country.

“The UN Security Council will admire the killers of Yemeni people under the pretext that they allowed ships carrying oil derivatives to enter Yemen. The besieged party, on the other hand, will be convicted and found guilty,” Mohammed Ali al-Houthi wrote in a series of posts published on his Twitter page on Thursday as the Council is scheduled to convene a session on the situation in Yemen later in the day.

“Any meeting that does not seek an end to the world's worst humanitarian crisis, and does not blame the perpetrators of such a campaign of terrorism will be useless and futile,” he pointed out.

Houthi then criticized the Security Council's approach to the Yemeni crisis.

“Also today, the aggressor states of the United States, Britain, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates will be showered with extravagant praise, in the form of a report to the Security Council, on the pretext of electricity supply to Yemen,” he wrote.

“The Yemeni nation is besieged and being massacred and the international community regrets the phenomenon. This is while those responsible for the terrorist campaign, military aggression and blockade of Yemeni people are being praised than to be denounced.”

Saudi Arabia, backed by the US and its regional allies, launched the devastating war on Yemen in March 2015.

The war has left more than 200,000 Yemenis dead, and displaced millions of people.

It has also destroyed Yemen's infrastructure and spread famine and infectious diseases across the impoverished West Asian country.