Apr 20, 2021 06:09 UTC
  • Israeli forces arrest senior Hamas leader, several other Palestinians in West Bank

Israeli regime forces have arrested a senior leader of the Gaza-based Islamic resistance movement, Hamas, along with several other Palestinians during separate operations across the occupied West Bank.

On Monday morning, a large number of Israeli troopers raided the home of Adnan al-Hosari, 56, in Tulkarm refugee camp, and violently ransacked it before taking the prominent Palestinian leader away to an unknown location.

Local sources, requesting anonymity, reported that Israeli soldiers also confiscated mobile phones of all the family members.

Israeli regime forces have detained Hosari on multiple occasions in the past. The Palestinian leader was last released from Israeli custody a few months ago after spending 15 months behind bars under the Tel Aviv regime’s policy of administrative detention.

Also early on Monday, Israeli forces broke into several homes in the al-Issawiya neighborhood of East al-Quds, 'Aqqaba town, located 15 kilometers northeast of Jenin, and Tammun town, making a number of arrests.

Hosari’s arrest comes as Palestinian legislative elections are scheduled to be held on May 22 and Hamas is expected to win a landslide victory, as it did in 2006.

Israeli authorities have made many efforts to either cancel or postpone the polls.

Israeli forces have intensified the arrest of Hamas figures and leaders in the West Bank in recent months, and detained Mustafa al-Shanar, Adnan Asfour, Khalid al-Hajj, Omar al-Hanbali, Jamal al-Tawil and Khatam al-Qafisheh among those arrested.