Jun 10, 2021 15:47 UTC
  • Assad: Syria has genuine potentials to overcome sanctions, reduce their impact

President Bashar al-Assad says his administration is capable of overcoming the US-led blockade, reducing the impact of Western sanctions and creating more investment opportunities across the country.

The president made the remarks after visiting a number of factories and facilities at Adra industrial city in the Damascus countryside.

“Syria has genuine potentials to overcome the blockade and lessen its impacts and create more investment opportunities,” Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) quoted Assad as saying.

During the visit, the Syrian president inspected the complex and discussed the means of boosting production and overcoming obstacles facing a number of industries.

“I am very happy with my visit today to Adra industrial city and meeting with a number of Syrian industrialists… this city which has been on the front line between the army and terrorists since many years…but it has withstood… my visit today aims to stress the priority of economy in the upcoming stage,” Assad added.

The president stressed that the country needed investment, strong will and the patriotic sense for reconstruction.

"These three basic factors give momentum to many investors to establish industries in different areas, investments or productive facilities in other areas in Syria.”

The Syrian president also hailed the spirit, innovation and passion of workers and managers at the industrial complex.

“This patriotic spirit that I have already touched at supervisors of the work and workers gives several messages in Syria." he said.

“What I have seen today can’t be described except as excellent, taking into consideration the circumstances to which this region has lived during the years of war and the conditions to which the Syrian economy passes through."

One key challenge for the Syrian government, however, is to secure reconstruction funds. The Syrian government says it will cost around $400 billion to rebuild the country.

European governments have declared that they will not bankroll reconstruction in Syria under the current administration. US and EU illegal sanctions on Syria, meanwhile, prevent Western companies from investing in the Arab country's recovery.

The Syrian government has announced that it looks to friendly states such as Iran, Russia and China and its citizens living abroad to fund reconstruction.

Assad has made it clear that the West "won't be part of reconstruction in Syria, because very simply we won't allow them to be part of it, whether they come with money or not."