Jun 23, 2021 13:52 UTC
  • Hamas: No more Israeli blackmail; prisoner-for-prisoner exchange sole option

Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has vowed to resist the Israeli regime policy of blackmailing Palestinians, saying the great Palestinian people and resistance will not keep silent in the face of Tel Aviv violations and crimes, including the regime’s delay to lift the 14-year siege on the Gaza Strip.

“We are ready for all options and we will resist by any means and the enemy will not succeed in its policy of blackmailing,” Hamas said in a statement on Tuesday, after its leader in the Gaza Strip, Yahya Sinwar, warned that Zionist entity has no will to end the humanitarian crisis in the besieged enclave.

According to Palestine Today, Hamas underlined its preparedness to respond to Israeli regime’s failure to lift the siege on Gaza, but said the lifting of the siege is not linked with releasing Israeli prisoners.

The Zionist prisoners will be exchanged only with Palestinian prisoners, it said, adding, “We will not accept pressure on our nation and we will not allow different cases to get mixed up.”

The Palestinian movement also lauded Palestinians in al-Quds for their daily struggle to defend their land against Israeli acts of aggression, vowing to support the al-Quds cause at any cost.

Continuation of siege

Palestinian resistance groups also issued a statement on Tuesday, saying they will not be passive in the face of the Israeli regime’s delay to lift the siege for Gaza’s reconstruction, urging the regime to end its provocative actions in al-Quds.

They commended Palestinian youth in northern parts of the occupied West Bank for standing up to the Zionist plots to steal more Palestinian land and voiced support for the Palestinian struggle against the occupying regime.

“We also stress our support for our heroic prisoners in the occupying regime’s jails, especially those who have gone on hunger strike, and we also call for increased popular plans in support of freedom for Palestinian prisoners,” the resistance groups added.

They also denounced a recent decision by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres to leave the illegal Zionist entity off the annual blacklist of parties responsible for grave violations against children.

“We strongly condemn the UN Secretary General’s decision not to include the occupying regime in the list of the infamous, as it has committed war crimes including martyring children, spreading terror among civilians, destroying people’s homes and destroying residential towers,” the statement read.

Elsewhere in the statement, the Palestinian resistance groups asked mediators to pressure Israel to end its siege of the Gaza Strip, finalize the case of Gaza’s reconstruction following the regime’s devastating war on the enclave, and end the regime’s incendiary measures in al-Quds, the Sheikh Jarrah and Batn al-Hawa neighborhoods, where Palestinians are faced with forced displacement from their homes.

Meanwhile, al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, staged a military drill to mark the victory of Palestinians in the 11-day war in Rafah city.

The drill was attended by al-Quds Brigades fighters, who showcased the group’s weapons and military equipment.