Jul 21, 2021 18:43 UTC
  • Syria condemns al-Aqsa Mosque incursion by illegal Zionist settlers

Syria has condemned in the strongest terms Israeli regime raids against al-Aqsa Mosque and Palestinian worshipers, calling on the UN to put an end to the regime's inhumane policies and help the Palestinian people restore their historical legitimate rights.

The Syrian foreign ministry, in a statement on Wednesday, denounced an unprecedented aggressive escalation by the illegal Zionist settlers against Palestinian people in occupied territories particularly in Jerusalem al-Quds over the last months and weeks, Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported.

The ministry said the acts of aggression have been done under the Israeli regime’s support, protection, encouragement and leadership.

It asserted that the latest act of aggression was on Sunday when large groups of illegal settlers stormed al-Aqsa Mosque under the full protection of the Zionist forces who also attacked the worshipers inside and outside the mosque.

The Syrian Arab Republic considers such Israeli regime practices against al-Aqsa Mosque and worshipers an immoral work that reflects the true image of the Israeli entity, the ministry noted.

Syria condemns in strongest terms these Israeli practices, calls on the occupation authorities to respect the rights of the Palestinian people in al-Quds and Aqsa Mosque and in entire occupied Palestine, it stressed.

The ministry also called upon world countries and the UN, including the Security Council, to put an end to such heinous and inhumane practices and to enable the Palestinian people to obtain their historical and legitimate rights, mainly their right to an independent state on their land.

The UN should also end Israel’s occupation of all Arab territories in Syria, Palestine and Lebanon, the ministry concluded.

In their latest desecration assault, more than 1,000 illegal Zionist settlers on Sunday forced their way into the al-Aqsa Mosque compound under the tight protection of the Israeli forces.

The Israeli forces attacked Muslim worshipers, closed the gates of al-Qibli prayer hall with iron chains and detained some of the worshipers. They also launched tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets at worshipers to disperse them.