Jul 27, 2021 05:46 UTC

Two times Prime Minister Najib Miqati has been given the task of forming a Lebanese cabinet for the third time.

After officially being appointed by President Michel Aoun, Miqati stressed that he needs the confidence of the people, not only the lawmakers.

While stressing openness to all factions, Miqati also noted that that the new government will be formed "according to the French initiative for the interest of Lebanon and its economy."

According to Press TV, 72 members of parliament endorsed Mikati, including Hezbollah’s Loyalty to the resistance bloc.

Experts believe the rhetoric with which Mikati has begun his task is that of openness and therefore could pave the way for more flexible talks with all sides.

Mikati who seems to have the support of the US and France has claims he can stop the economic and financial collapse which has worsened since October 2019.

The designation of Najib Miqati as Prime Minister was prompt and calm; however, what lies ahead will be much more tumultuous , whether it is the formation process or facing the multi-faceted crisis in Lebanon.