Jul 29, 2021 12:24 UTC
  • Syria to UNSC: Israeli regime aerial acts of aggression violate intl. law

Syria’s permanent representative to the United Nations has denounced Israeli regime aerial assaults on Syrian territories as a flagrant violation of the UN Charter, international law and Security Council resolutions that urge respect for the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

According to reports, speaking on Wednesday at a UN Security Council briefing on the situation in West Asia, Bassam Sabbagh said the repeated Israeli regime aggressions against Syria consolidate the policies of the occupying entity, which is practicing “state terrorism” and supporting terrorist groups.

Syria, he added, has notified the Security Council and UN chief of the details of the airstrikes by the illegal Zionist entity and the threat they pose to regional security and stability.

Sabbagh also said that in less than a year, the Tel Aviv regime has conducted more than 50 acts of aggression on Syria, killing a large number of civilians and destroying their properties.

Zionist regime mostly keeps quiet about the attacks on Syrian territories which many view as knee-jerk reaction to the Syrian government’s increasing success in its counter-terrorism battle.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Syrian ambassador to the UN complained about systematic Israeli regime violations against residents of the Golan Heights and renewed a call on the international community to put pressure on the regime to immediately open the Quneitra crossing that links the Israeli-occupied area with the rest of Syria.