Jul 30, 2021 16:15 UTC
  • Lebanon army warns against Israeli moves on border

The commander of the Lebanese Armed Forces has warned the illegal Zionist entity against any provocative moves across the country’s borders, saying the forces will allow no one to take advantage of Lebanon’s political and economic crises to foment instability there.

“We keep an eye on our border to confront the Israeli enemy’s danger, which has recently stepped up its aggressiveness against Lebanon and threatened to wage a new war,” Joseph Aoun said on Friday on the occasion of the Lebanese Army Day.

“The Lebanese armed forces will remain the safety valve of our homeland and the backbone of the state. We will remain faithful to our oath no matter how rough the road or heavy the challenges. Our priority has been and will remain to protect and fortify the military," Aoun said.

The illegal Zionist entity violates Lebanon's airspace from time to time and sporadically fires missiles into the Lebanese territory against the positions of the Hezbollah resistance movement.

During the Lebanese Army Day, Aoun also pointed to a range of political and economic crises gripping the country and said, “Despite the successive crises that worsen day by day, all eyes are on the military institution, which remains the focus of hopes for the Lebanese.”

The commander of the Lebanese armed forces warned against the exploitation of Lebanon’s crises to sow insecurity in the country.

"Do not allow anyone to take advantage of the poor living situation to question your faith in your country and your institution. Lebanon is in our hands, and it is not allowed under any circumstances to plunge the country into chaos and destabilize its security and stability."

"Additional challenges will confront us, so be ready to face them with wisdom, patience and deliberation. Do not let sedition infiltrate our homeland, and do not allow fishermen in troubled waters to achieve their goals."