Aug 25, 2021 15:26 UTC
  • Gaza protest to pick up where Operation al-Quds Sword left: Hamas

Hamas says Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are to stage a large-scale rally along the enclave’s border with the occupied territories that amounts to the continuation of the resistance’s defensive operation against the Israeli regime’s latest war.

Spokesman Abdul-Latif al-Qanu made the remarks in a statement on Wednesday concerning the protest that was to go ahead later in the day, the Palestinian Safa news agency reported. The event is to take place on a call put out by the Palestinian resistance group and its fellow movements a day earlier.

The rally, which is to take place in the east of the southern city of Khan Yunis, manifests the continuation of the Sword of al-Quds Operation, the official said.

The Palestinian nation’s resistance would continue with all available instruments and means whether in Gaza or the occupied West Bank, where al-Quds is located, until the complete realization of all of the Palestinian nation’s demands, Qanu added.

By demands, the official was referring to the Palestinians age-old pressure on the Israeli regime to withdraw from their lands, end its rampant military aggression against them, lift Gaza’s siege, and enable the return of the Palestinian refugees to their homelands.

The Palestinian nation is entitled to live on its own land with “esteem and dignity,” the spokesman said, adding that the resistance’s options “remain on the table” as long as Tel Aviv kept turning a deaf ear to the demands.”