Aug 29, 2021 16:24 UTC
  • Hamas holds Zionist entity responsible for consequences of siege of Gaza Strip

The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has held the illegal Zionist entity fully accountable for any consequences of tightening the years-long all-out siege on Gaza Strip that has aggravated the humanitarian crisis among its Palestinian inhabitants.

According to Press TV, in a statement on Sunday, Hamas Fawzi Barhoum made the remarks, warning that the Israeli practices against some two million inhabitants of the impoverished enclave would definitely create an atmosphere of escalation and explosion.

“The Zionist occupation bears all the repercussions and consequences of tightening the siege on the Gaza Strip that escalates the humanitarian crisis among its residents and creates an atmosphere of escalation and explosion,” he said.

“Praising the steadfastness of our revolutionary Palestinian people against the occupation and siege in Gaza, Nablus, Jenin, al-Quds, and al-Khalil, we affirm that our Palestinian people will never accept the occupation's policies, nor compromise their national rights,” the Hamas official further said.

Barhoum also called on the international community to accept their responsibilities and put pressure on the occupying entity to end its unjust siege of the blockaded coastal sliver.

He further affirmed that Palestinians would never accept the Israeli regime policies and would continue their struggle to obtain their national rights.