Sep 20, 2021 13:50 UTC
  • Decision to import Iranian fuel aims to preserve dignity of Lebanese people: Hezbollah official

A senior Hezbollah official has praised the arrival of the first Iranian fuel cargo in Lebanon, saying the resistance movement made the decision to import fuel from the Islamic Republic in order to preserve the dignity of the Lebanese nation and end their humiliation amid a dire financial crisis.

Speaking at a ceremony in Nabi Osman village in the northern part of the Bekaa Valley on Sunday, Head of Hezbollah's Political Bureau Ibrahim Amin al-Sayyed strongly criticized Lebanese authorities for their failure to address people’s woes.  

“Lebanese officials only know how to receive huge sums of money from embassies and squander them… Cash is being funneled by Americans, Europeans, Persian Gulf states as well as Saudi Arabia,” he said.

The high-ranking Hezbollah official noted, “The resistance exposed their crimes, lies, and betrayal of the nation... Will the resistance’s move prompt the [Lebanese] government to solve people's problems, and import gas, oil, and fuel?”

“We cannot count on failed cowards to address people's woes,” Sayyed said, adding, “We will, therefore, act ourselves with regards to fuel or anything to do with people's lives.”

He emphasized that Hezbollah has for years been urging Lebanese government officials to improve relations with Syria, and to import agricultural and industrial products from the neighboring country.

“It is a shame that Lebanese officials decided to send a delegation [to Syria] after the approval of US Ambassador [Dorothy C. Shea] and when they were sure that Iran was sending fuel tankers to Lebanon. America now wants to supply us with gas from Egypt and Jordan,” Sayyed noted.

On September 16, dozens of tanker trucks carrying Iranian fuel arranged by Hezbollah arrived in Lebanon.

Hezbollah declared that it had broken an "American siege."