Sep 30, 2021 07:57 UTC
  • Israeli troops martyr young Palestinian man in nighttime West Bank raids

Israeli regime troops have martyred a young Palestinian man in the occupied West Bank district of Jenin, reports say.

Alaa Nasser Zayud, 22, was martyred by the regime's special forces during raids on houses in the village of Burkin near Jenin overnight on Thursday.

During the clashes that ensued, several people were reportedly wounded and others arrested by Israeli regime forces.

Massive crowds mourned the body of Zayud early Thursday.

The clashes came days after Israeli troops shot dead at least five Palestinians across the occupied West Bank on Sunday after intense violence that erupted in four towns following overnight arrest raids.

The raids prompted clashes between angry town residents and Israeli troops who fired live rounds on the Palestinians.

Three Palestinians were martyred from the village of Biddu, northwest al-Quds. They were identified by their families as Ahmad Zahran, Mahmoud Hmaidan and Zakariya Badwan.

Israeli forces also martyred two residents from the village of Burqin, southwest of Jenin city, who were identified as 22-year-old Osama Soboh, and 16-year-old child, Yousif Soboh.