Oct 11, 2021 08:30 UTC
  • Jordan pledges support for crisis-hit Lebanon

Jordan’s King Abdullah II has assured the Lebanese prime minister that his country will stand by Lebanon which is grappling with its worst-ever economic crisis amid power outages.

“Jordan will always stand by the side of Lebanon and its brotherly people,” the king was quoted as telling visiting Prime Minister Najib Mikati on Sunday.

Jordan’s official Petra News Agency said King Abdullah and Mikati met at the al-Husseiniya Palace in Amman.

Lebanon has been mired since 2019 in a deep economic crisis.

The World Bank has called Lebanon’s crisis one of the worst depressions of modern history, ranking it among the world’s three worst since the mid-1800s in terms of its effect on living standards. The country’s currency has lost more than 90% of its value since fall 2019, and more than half of the population has been rendered jobless as businesses have shut down. The crisis has forced nearly three quarters of the country’s six million inhabitants into poverty.

The crisis is mostly linked to the sanctions that the United States and its allies have imposed on Lebanon as well as foreign intervention in the Arab nation’s domestic affairs.

Lebanon suffers power cuts for up to 22 hours a day and on Saturday the country was plunged into a total blackout after two main power stations went offline because they ran out of fuel.

The fuel needed to power private back-up generators is also in short supply, reports say.

Electricity Minister Walid Fayad said that two plants resumed work on Sunday after the Lebanese army provided them with emergency supplies of fuel.

Amman on Wednesday agreed to provide Lebanon with electricity via Syria.