Oct 25, 2021 07:20 UTC
  • Hamas announces mass hunger strike in support of seven Palestinian inmates in Israeli jails

The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas says dozens of its prisoners in Israeli jails are preparing to go on hunger strike in solidarity with seven inmates who are already refusing food in protest at their detention without charge and other repressive measures.

The Higher Leading Committee of the Hamas Prisoners said in a statement on Sunday that it will not remain silent towards the suffering of several hunger-striking administrative detainees at the Israeli dungeons. 

“Dozens of prisoners are prepared to fight an open-ended hunger strike battle in support of the seven prisoners who are on hunger strike in protest at their administrative detention,” the statement read. 

“It is high time for everyone to take urgent and swift action to put an end to the crime of administrative detention that our people have been suffering from for decades,” Hamas added in its statement.

The resistance movement emphasized that Israel is responsible for the lives of Kayed al-Fasfous, Miqdad al-Qawassmeh and five other prisoners who are on a hunger strike for more than three months. 

At least seven Palestinian inmates have remained on an open-ended hunger strike to protest the Israeli so-called administrative detention, which allows prisoners to be held without charge or trial.

According to a report by the Detainees Affairs Commission, among them is the oldest hunger-striker, Kayed Fasfous, who stopped eating food almost 102 days ago. He had been transferred to Kaplan Medical Center, south of Tel Aviv because of his serious illness and is being held under detention.