Dec 13, 2021 07:03 UTC

A shooting incident at a Palestinian refugee camp in southern Lebanon has killed three men and wounded several others, reports say.

According to Press TV, the deadly incident occurred at the Burj al-Shemali camp, outside the port city of Tyre, on Sunday, when people had gathered at the funeral procession of a member of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas who lost his life in a huge blast at the same camp on Friday night.

According to Hamas official Raafat al-Murra, suspected gunmen “shot at the funeral procession” and martyred three Hamas members. He further told AFP that six other people were injured in the shooting.

Lebanon’s state-run National News Agency reported that the shooting occurred during a “quarrel” between the two sides and AFP cited a resident of the camp as saying that an armed clash followed the shooting.

On Friday night, a huge explosion rocked the refugee camp, killing at least one man and injuring several others. Hamas on Saturday said in a statement that the blast occurred due to an electrical fault in a warehouse containing oxygen and gas cylinders for COVID-19 patients.

The Gaza-based movement also thanked all medical organizations and ambulance and civil defense crew who have scrambled to extinguish the blaze.