Dec 14, 2021 17:38 UTC
  •  Hamas leader: Israel won’t be able to change reality of occupied Quds

The politburo chief of Palestine’s Hamas resistance movement says the Israeli regime will not be able to change the reality on the ground across the occupied lands, including the holy city of al-Quds, no matter what manipulative or aggressive course of action it resorts to.

“The measures that the occupying Zionist regime takes in al-Quds can neither manipulate the historical and geographical facts [concerning the city] nor turn lies into truths,” Ismail Haniyeh said on Tuesday, marking the 34th anniversary of Hamas’ establishment.

The Hamas’ official urged Palestinians to work towards the realization of unity among their ranks so they can defend their rights in a more resolute manner.

“[Provision of] support for the Palestinian nation’s rights requires that we stand together in a single front and strive towards unity,” he noted.

Haniyeh also vowed that the Palestinian movement would not free the Zionists that are in its captivity, until the regime agrees to the release of Palestinian prisoners.

He repeated Hamas’ principled position of refusing to recognize the Zionist enemy, reminding the regime of its constant failure to destroy the resistance group since its 1987 establishment.

“All the plans and plots that were drawn up to enable Hamas’ destruction through either siege or warfare have fallen through,” the Hamas’ official said.