Jan 19, 2022 08:49 UTC
  • Saudi-led warplanes intensify airstrikes against Yemeni capital

The Saudi-led war coalition has sharply intensified its airstrikes against residential areas across Sana’a following the Yemeni army’s decisive retaliatory raids on the United Arab Emirates (UAE)’s soil.

Yemen’s Arabic-language al-Masirah television network reported that Saudi warplanes conducted three air raids against Sana’a International Airport and its surroundings early on Wednesday, adding that the military aircraft launched a number of sorties over the airport for a long time.

Saudi jets also struck ‘Attan village in the Bani Matar district of Sana’a.

Moreover, Saudi aircraft bombarded Jarban area in the Sanhan district of the capital.

There have been no immediate reports of casualties.

In the early hours of Tuesday, air strikes by the Saudi-led coalition warplanes on Sana’a martyred at least 20 people.

Around 14 people were martyred when the fighter jets struck the home of a high-ranking military official from the popular Ansarullah resistance movement, including his wife and son, according to neighbors and a medic.

The airstrikes followed Monday’s drone and missile attack by Yemeni armed forces on strategic targets deep inside the UAE in retaliation for its role in the Saudi-led war on the impoverished country.

According to a report published by American business-focused daily newspaper The Wall Street Journal, the recent Yemeni military operation against Abu Dhabi demonstrated the military advances that Yemeni armed forces have made in recent years.