Jan 23, 2022 16:48 UTC
  •  Iraqi PMU forces launch wide-scale operation to secure Diyala after Daesh terrorist attack

Iraqi anti-terror Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), also known by their Arabic name as Hashd al-Sha’abi, have launched a large-scale security operation to clear Daesh remnants from villages and rural areas in the eastern province of Diyala after a deadly Daesh terrorist attack in the area.

Talib al-Mousawi, commander of PMU operations in Diyala, said in a statement that the multipronged anti-terror operation kicked off Sunday morning in the al-Azim district in Diyala province.

He added that intelligence, artillery and explosive disposal units participated in the campaign, which came after a flagrant attack by Daesh terrorists on an army barracks killed 11 Iraqi soldiers in their sleep in Diyala on early on Friday.

He emphasized that occasional attacks by Daesh terrorists against the Iraqi security forces only strengthen the resolve of the PMU forces to hunt the terrorists down and counter them everywhere.

Mousawi said the operation aims to tighten the grip on the Daesh terrorists still active on the eastern and western banks of al-Azim river, noting that the anti-terror forces would go ahead with the offensive despite the cold weather, rocky grounds and difficult conditions in meadows and wetlands.

Daesh attack against the PMU security forces would never break their determination to crush the terrorists, the commander added.