Feb 06, 2022 15:11 UTC
  • Illegal Zionist  settlers storm Aqsa Mosque; Palestine warns of consequences

Dozens of illegal Zionist settlers have stormed the al-Aqsa Mosque compound in al-Quds under the protection of the regime’s forces, with the Palestinian Foreign Ministry warning Tel Aviv against the settlers' increasing atrocities.

The Islamic Endowment Department in al-Quds said in a statement that the illegal settlers entered the compound through the Moroccan Gate, also known as the Mughrabi Gate, on Sunday morning, Palestine's official WAFA news agency reported.

They performed provocative tours at the site, which is venerated by Jews, Christians and Muslims.

The illegal settlers also conducted Talmudic rituals near Bab al-Rahma, which is the eastern gate of al-Aqsa Mosque.

Palestine holds Israel responsible for settlers’ practices 

Meanwhile, Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates held the illegal Zionist entity “fully and directly” responsible for settlers’ practices in the West Bank and warned of dire consequences.

The ministry called on the UN Security Council and the United States to take necessary measures to stop the occupying regime’s “crimes and violations” against Palestinian people.

It noted that Zionist entity as the occupying power must adhere to international will for peace and legitimacy in order for the credibility of international institutions to be preserved.

The Palestinian foreign ministry then called on the US and the Security Council to “fulfill their legal and moral obligations towards the continued suffering of Palestinian people as a result of occupation, illegal settlements and the large-scale ethnic cleansing they are subjected to.”

The ministry expressed its "great surprise over Washington’s and the international community’s silence on the violations and crimes” being perpetrated by Israel in the occupied Palestinian lands.

“Israel’s disregard for the Palestinian cause and escalation of crimes against our people are clearly evident that the regime is not willing to be a partner for peace,” it stated.

“The settlers’ violations against defenseless civilians, their land, property, and trees throughout the West Bank, and al-Quds, are taking place without any punishment or deterrent,” the ministry highlighted.