May 13, 2022 07:00 UTC

Thousands of Palestinians have gathered to honor veteran journalist Shireen Abu Akleh at a memorial service in the occupied West Bank, a day after she was shot and martyred by Israeli troops during an army raid.

According to Press TV, Abu Akleh, a veteran of the Qatar-based Al Jazeera network's Arabic service, was shot in the head on Wednesday, when she was reporting on an Israeli raid against Palestinians living in the Jenin refugee camp.

Her tragic martyrdom sent shockwaves across the region, drawing global condemnation against the Israeli regime. The United Nations and the European Union, among others, have already called for a full investigation into what Al Jazeera called a deliberate killing “in cold blood.”

On Thursday, thousands of mourning Palestinians lined the streets as her coffin, draped in the Palestinian flag, was driven through Ramallah.

She received what was described as a full state memorial organized by the Palestinian Authority at the Ramallah compound of President Mahmud Abbas, attended by foreign diplomats, prominent Arab Israeli politicians, and senior Palestinian leaders.

Many Palestinians attending the ceremony held flowers, wreaths and pictures of Abu Akleh, who has been widely praised for her bravery and professionalism through her coverage of the conflict.

Abu Akleh will be buried on Friday in a cemetery in the occupied Old City of East al-Quds near her home.

“This crime should not go unpunished,” said Abbas, stressing that the Palestinian Authority holds Israel “completely responsible” for her death.

He also “refused” and “rejected” an Israeli proposal for a joint investigation into the killing.