May 15, 2022 08:04 UTC
  • Syria urges UN, Security Council to clearly condemn Israel's attacks on its sovereignty

Syria has urged the United Nations and its Security Council to issue a "clear" condemnation of the Israeli regime's recurrent attacks on the Arab country's territory.

Writing a letter to the UN secretary-general and the president of the Security Council, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said the country hoped the two bodies would "adopt a clear position on the Israeli attacks on Syrian sovereignty," the official Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported on Saturday.

Such unequivocal position, the letter added, should be "away from politicized considerations and calculations that contradict the well-established and clear legal and political positions of the United Nations and its bodies."

The Ministry also urged the UN to demand that the Israeli aggressor abide by the relevant Security Council resolutions and to immediately and unconditionally stop threatening regional and international peace and security.

The letter was sent a day after the Israeli regime carried out fresh airstrikes on Syria’s northwestern Province of Hama, killing at least five people, including a civilian, and injuring seven others, including a female child.

A report in the Lebanon-based al-Mayadeen news network cited Syria’s Defense Ministry as saying that the Israeli regime carried out the aggression from the direction of the Mediterranean Sea, eyeing targets in Syria's central region.

The Foreign Ministry reminded in the letter that the Israeli strikes came hours after a round of aggression committed by foreign-backed terrorists in northern Syria, which led to the death of 10 soldiers.