Jun 06, 2022 13:48 UTC
  • Iraqi forces down drone over prison in Baghdad

Iraqi forces have shot down a drone that was hovering over a prison in the center of Iraq’s capital, Baghdad, reports say.

According to Press TV, the drone was downed on Monday over al-Rasafa al-Tasfirat prison, in which notorious criminals are incarcerated.

Iraqi media outlets cited a security source as saying that the drone was confiscated for examination.

The source noted that the drone was free of explosives, raising the speculation that it was a spy one.

The incident comes a day after Baghdad announced that 14 Daesh terrorists, including senior commanders, were arrested in Baghdad.

Separately, security forces have been on high alert in an area of Iraq’s Diyala Province after a Daesh attack, Baghdad Today cited an informed source as saying on Monday.

According to the source, Daesh snipers targeted a unit guarding a Thermographic camera in al-Hashemiat area, 12 kilometers northwest of Baqubah City, partially damaging the device.

The attack was the first of the kind in the area, which tends to be relatively stable, in the past eight months.

The source noted that locals joined the Iraqi forces in the manhunt for the terrorists who managed to flee.