Jun 24, 2022 00:12 UTC
  • More painful retaliatory strikes to await Saudi-led coalition should aggression, siege continue: Houthi

A high-ranking member of the Yemeni Supreme Political Council has warned Saudi Arabia and its allies against more stinging and painful retaliatory strikes if they insist on their devastating military campaign and brutal siege against the crisis-hit country.

“Yemeni armed forces will respond to any act of hostility launched by oppressive enemies. Yemeni commanders, just like our heroic army troops, fighters from Popular Committees and security forces, will vigorously resist the conspiracies of foes,” Mohammed Ali al-Houthi said as he addressed a graduation ceremony in Sana’a on Thursday.

He added, “Yemen is currently facing an international conspiracy, which is not restrained to its borders and its repercussions have indeed affected the entire Muslim world.”

“We warn those who have invaded our country that the more they insist on their aggression and siege against our nation, the more blistering and painful our retaliatory strikes will be,” Houthi pointed out.

Houthi further noted that Yemeni armed forces are not afraid of enemies and their conspiracies as they have faith and trust in God.

“While our enemies rely on the United States and Israel and depend on US-built munitions, the weapons of our forces are faith and patience,” the senior Yemeni official said.

Houthi finally stressed that Yemeni forces will continue to confront the dangers and threats being posed by enemies.