Jun 25, 2022 14:16 UTC
  • Iraqi top politician Khazali calls for new parliamentary elections

Iraq's senior politician Qais al-Khazali has called for new parliamentary elections after dozens of legislators loyal to influential leader Muqtada al-Sadr withdrew from the assembly.

Khazali said Friday that the mass resignation of 73 lawmakers from al-Sadr’s bloc further aggravated the existing problems and plunged Iraq deeper into political crises.

“It is not possible to form a government given the current circumstances, and it will not succeed,” he said.

“I call for a political agreement to hold re-election after amending the electoral law, canceling electronic voting, and making essential changes in the High Electoral Commission," added Khazali, the leader of the Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq resistance group, which is part of Iraq’s anti-terror Popular Mobilization Units or Hashd al-Sha’abi.

Iraq’s parliament swore in dozens of new legislators on Thursday, replacing the 73 Sadrist lawmakers who quit en masse on June 11 in a bid to break a logjam over the establishment of a new government.

In the last October’s parliamentary elections to elect the 329 members of the Council of Representatives, the Sadrist political bloc secured most seats – 73.

The Fatah (Conquest) Alliance – the political arm of the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) – won 17 seats, down from 48 it had won in the previous election.

Despite Sadr’s impressive show in the election, Iraqi law requires a super-majority, namely two-thirds of the vote, to elect a president.

According to Iraq's electoral law, when a member of parliament resigns, the electoral commission replaces them with the candidate who placed second in the same electoral circle.