Jun 26, 2022 14:50 UTC
  • Haniyeh: Palestinian missiles will destroy Zionist regime in less than five minutes

Head of the political bureau of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas says in case of a new military confrontation between Palestinian resistance groups and the Zionist regime of Israel, Palestinian missiles will destroy the occupying entity in a matter of minutes.

Ismail Haniyeh made the remarks in a Sunday address to a gathering in Lebanon, during which he also strongly condemned the normalization of some Arab countries’ relations with Israel.

“Since seventy-four years ago, Lebanon has been sympathizing with Palestine. Today, we see [the imminent liberation of] al-Aqsa Mosque, because we are in an era of victory and developments whose course is being determined by our nation and our resistance,” he said.

He then reflected on the Israeli siege of the Gaza Strip, saying, “Gaza is under land, air, and sea blockade, but it used [Operation] al-Quds Sword against Israel, and using that sword, it is getting ready for a strategic confrontation with Israel.”

Noting that the operation marked a strategic development in Palestinians’ confrontation with the regime in Tel Aviv, Haniyeh said, “Israel was armed to the teeth, but became a target of missiles attack by al-Qassam [Brigades] and the Gaza-based resistance.”

The top Hamas official said in case of a future war with Israel, “150 missiles will destroy the Zionist regime in less than five minutes.”

Haniyeh further emphasized that the Zionists and Israeli settlers have no place in al-Quds and al-Aqsa, saying, “From Lebanon, I’m telling you that we will destroy your dreams and you have no place in al-Quds and al-Aqsa.”

The head of Hamas political bureau also said al-Quds and the West Bank have been under pressure over the past years to make our people give up resistance and abandon their land, while stressing that Operation al-Quds Sword will continue until the complete liberation of Palestine.

The latest development came a day after Haniyeh denounced as “very dangerous” the normalization of relations between some Arab countries and Israel, stressing that fierce resistance is the only strategic option to confront the Israeli occupation.

His remarks came after Israel’s minister of war proposed the formation of a US-led regional military front against Iran, featuring Tel Aviv and its Arab allies.

Speaking on Tuesday, Benny Gantz referred to the Israeli regime’s military cooperation with some Persian Gulf Arab countries as well as Egypt and Jordan, saying there were efforts to expand this cooperation.