Aug 16, 2022 05:34 UTC
  • Palestine Foreign Ministry: Absence of intl. deterrence encourages Israel to continue its crimes

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates has denounced the killing of a young man during an overnight Israeli military raid in al-Quds, blaming lack of international response to Tel Aviv's crimes as the main reason for their continuation.

Mohammad Ibrahim Shaham, in his twenties, was martyred by a bullet to the head early on Monday after Israeli forces violently broke into his family home in Kafr Aqab neighborhood of East al-Quds.

The ministry said in a statement the killing was an “extrajudicial and premeditated assassination.”

Shaham was born in the nearby Qalandia refugee camp.

“This heinous crime is an extension of the series of executions and field assassinations committed by the Israeli forces on instructions from the political level in the occupying power,” the statement read.

“The fact that the occupying forces have committed them in such a racist and heinous manner is further proof of the absence of international deterrence and international protection for our people, and of the international community's disregard for the crimes of the occupiers, the murder and assassinations that go on daily without any accountability or trial.”

The ministry said soldiers did not even try to arrest Shaham, but rather broke into his home with an intention to kill him.

His father said an Israeli soldier shot Mohammad point-blank with a live round the moment he opened the door. The soldiers then forced their way into the house and ransacked the place. He was left bleeding on the ground for about 30 minutes before the regime forces withdrew his body.