Aug 16, 2022 15:02 UTC
  •  Kuwaitis endorse boycott of Israel, reject normalization of ties: Poll

A recent opinion poll has shown that most Kuwaitis support boycott of Israel and reject a normalization of relations with the occupying regime.

A recent opinion poll has revealed that 95 percent of Kuwaitis oppose any normalization of ties with the illegal Zionist entity and 70 percent of the people adamantly disagree with developing any relations with the Zionist regime, Alkhaleej Online reported.

The report added that the Kuwaiti government and people support the Palestinian cause and are maintaining their stance on the issue. Kuwait still supports the two-state solution as the only way to end the conflict, it stated.

Kuwaitis insist on imposing sanctions on the Israeli regime, the report said, adding that Kuwait reaffirmed its stance against Israel by boycotting the regime in sports and trades and banning ships sailing between them or carrying cargo bound for Israel.

No Kuwaiti athlete, politician, intellectual, or writer accepts to be present in one place with Israelis, and they do not participate in any event that includes representatives of the occupying state, it concluded.