Sep 20, 2022 19:24 UTC
  • Ansarullah leader: 2014 revolution foiled US plots to gain control of Yemen

The leader of Yemen’s Ansarullah resistance movement says the United States tried to ignite chaos in Yemen in order to take full control of the country, but the popular revolution of 2014 thwarted the plots.

According to Press TV, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi made the remarks in a speech broadcast live from the Yemeni capital of Sana’a on Tuesday to commemorate the eighth anniversary of the September 21 revolution against a Saudi-backed regime in the country and its removal from power.

“The September 21 revolution, from the religious, moral and national point of view, was and still is a requisite [for the country] and benefits our nation,” Houthi said. “The revolutionary movement was broad in its title, goals, and popular momentum, and it did not belong to a specific group but rather to all Yemeni people.”

Stressing that the Yemeni revolution took place at the time when American policies held sway in the country, the Ansarullah leader said such policies plunged Yemen into total destruction and the US tried to use the conflicts at the beginning of the revolution to its own advantage.

“Before the revolution, the American ambassador was the president of Yemen,” Houthi said, adding, “The Americans tried to exploit the independence of our nation and dominate our country indirectly and without war. The American plot was based on increasing the political divide in line with the internal disintegration of our country.”

He said the United States adopted a destructive policy for Yemen and did not care about the interests of the Yemeni people, adding, “Washington was working to escalate chaos in Yemen, and it was the movement of the Yemeni people that thwarted the plots of the United States and its allies.”                                                       

The Ansarullah leader said the US was working to strip the Yemeni army of its military capabilities, and that Washington had turned its embassy in Sana’a into a headquarters for managing all sabotage activities in Yemen.

“All Yemeni parties were sure that what the American ambassador in Sana’a was doing represented a clear violation of the country’s sovereignty and independence,” Houthi said. “There were Yemeni political parties that were responding to American demands, but the movement of the Yemeni people left the Americans confused.”

He said the aggression against Yemen revealed the reality of those who want to continue their domination over it and that of their hostile policy.

“The aggression targeted government facilities and service facilities, which shows the American intentions to destroy everything in our country,” he said. “The coalition of aggression destroyed all infrastructure, and targeted even courts, prisons, cemeteries, schools and others.”

Houthi stressed that, “The coalition of aggression and traitors among our people are plundering the Yemeni oil wealth, and controlling Yemen's resources.”