Sep 21, 2022 05:39 UTC
  • Report: 100s of households living in Israeli-Occupied Territories lack food security

A recent report has revealed that hundreds of households living across the Israeli-occupied lands face food insecurity, amid reports that the high cost of living is forcing many Jewish settlers to consider living somewhere else or even returning to their home countries.

The Hebrew-language daily newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, citing a report compiled by the Israeli nonprofit aid organization Latet, said one out of every five Israeli families is already suffering from high levels of acute food insecurity.

The report, which comes on the heels of Rosh HaShanah – the Jewish New Year, further underlined that more than one million Israeli children do not have access to food on a regular basis, and that the incumbent administration led by alternate Prime Minister Yair Lapid has so far failed to address the issue.

According to Latet organization, 680,475 Israeli families suffer from food insecurity while 312,825 families face acute food insecurity.

In the meantime, Hebrew-language daily business newspaper TheMarker argued in an editorial that Israeli politicians are diverting attention from all their broken promises to bring rising prices and cost of living under control.

According to TheMarker, even though polls show that food security is of great importance to Israeli voters, who would cast their ballots in the November 1 legislative elections, conventional political parties do not pay due attention to the rising cost of living, or at least the issue is not a high priority for them.