Sep 17, 2019 12:20 UTC
  • Venezuela opp. members break with Guiado, strike deal with government

Members of the Venezuelan opposition have broken ranks with the Western-backed opposition figure Juan Guaido and signed an agreement with President Nicolas Maduro’s government.

During a nationally televised event attended by foreign diplomats on Monday, the representatives of several opposition parties agreed to enter into negotiations with the government in Caracas and concluded an agreement with Maduro’s top aides.

“The Bolivarian government maintains all of the doors open for dialog so as to solve the differences between Venezuelans in a peaceful manner,” Venezuela’s Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez said at a press conference in the capital.

Rodriguez urged foreign states to cooperate with the Venezuelan government instead of “plotting military interventions.”

Lawmaker Timoteo Zambrano, an opposition lawmaker speaking on behalf of the opposition factions, indirectly slammed Guaido and attempts led by anti-Maduro parties for violence in the Latin American country.

Calling for support from the international community, Zambrano said his opposition party alongside others aimed to recover time lost due to the “ambition of some and the mistakes of us all.”

Zambrano added that, “We will continue to come to agreements to remove obstacles which damage our democracy, it is not an easy path... I oppose the use of force [and] thoughtless confrontation without a way forward.”

Under the agreement, Maduro’s government and opposition parties pledged to focus on reforming Venezuela’s electoral board as well as finding a solution to the presence of parallel legislatures.