Sep 20, 2019 18:50 UTC
  • Afghanistan’s Ghani vows measures to avoid civilian deaths

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has vowed to introduce measures to avoid civilian casualties during security operations, following an assault during which a US airstrike killed at least 30 civilians.

Speaking at an election rally in Jalalabad on Friday, Ghani announced that new steps were being implemented to protect civilians during future ops.

He said he had introduced several “checks and balances” to halt night raids and attacks that result in the killing of non-combatants.

His remarks came a day after a US drone strike that had been supposed to take out members of the Daesh terrorist group in eastern Nangarhar Province instead killed at least 30 farm workers who were taking a break after a day’s labor on Wednesday.

The US drone was providing aerial cover for Afghan forces on the ground.