Dec 05, 2019 13:28 UTC
  •  Putin: US militarization of space can’t go unchecked

Russia has expressed concern about the growing militarization of space by the United States and its allies, warning that such hostile measures should be counterbalanced.

“Russia has always opposed and continues to oppose the militarization of space,” Russian President Vladimir Putin told a government meeting on military policies on Thursday. “[But] the US political and military leadership openly consider space a war theater. Developments demand that we pay increased attention to strengthening our orbital group as well as our rocket and space industries.”

President Putin said that in recent years, Russia had considerably upgraded its group of military and dual purpose satellites.

Russia’s orbital group is a constellation of more than 150 satellites, most of which are parts of military satellite communication systems; but Moscow also has satellites monitoring the launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles as well as short-range tactical missiles.

This warning system was “significantly enhanced” and tested successfully during large-scale military drills in October, President Putin said.

Putin’s comments came after the NATO military alliance recognized space as a domain of warfare.