Jan 20, 2020 16:01 UTC
  • De Niro takes veiled jab at Trump at SAG tribute

Robert De Niro, an American actor, producer, and director, has once again taken a veiled jab at US President Donald Trump.

The two time academy award winner attacked Trump on Sunday during a ceremony where he was presented with a lifetime achievement award for 50 years of acting.

According to Press TV, after receiving a standing ovation upon walking on stage for his acceptance speech, De Niro used the opportunity to, yet again, take another swipe at Trump, without mentioning him by name.

"Political leaders who support unions are more likely to support Affordable Care Act, equitable taxes, humane immigration regulations, a safe environment, a diverse citizenry, sensible gun control and fair wages and benefits. We owe them our support and we owe them our vote," he said. 

He also said the US is in a "dire situation" and then accused Trump of blatantly abusing his power as the president.

"I can imagine some of you are saying, all right, all right, let's not get into the politics and all that. But we're in such a dire situation that's so deeply concerning to me and to so many others, I have to say something. And I thought I said it pretty well to Variety the other day, so I'm going to quote myself. There's right and there's wrong and there's common sense and there's abuse of power. And as a citizen, I have as much right as anybody -- an actor, an athlete, a musician, anybody else -- to voice my opinion? And if I have a bigger voice because of my situation, I'm going to use it whenever I see a blatant abuse of power."

This comes at a time when Trump is being charged of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress during only the third ever impeachment of a US President.

De Niro has a history of Trump driven outbursts and expletives. A few months before the election in 2016, he famously described the then presidential candidate and his campaign as “really totally crazy, ridiculous."

“I don’t know, it’s crazy that people like Donald Trump. He shouldn’t even be where he is, so God help us.”

And that was before he ever became president. When he did become president, De Niro, trying to be optimistic, said in an interview: “He’s president now … half the country is horrified, many parts of the world are, and we’re gonna see how he does. That’s it. I give the benefit of the doubt that’s he going to try his best to do the right thing.”

In May of 2017, at a benefit in New York, De Niro came out in criticism of Trump's harsh immigration policies, saying it would prevent future artists, like Charlie Chaplin, from entering the country.