Feb 21, 2020 17:06 UTC
  • US prepares to sign troop withdrawal deal with Taliban on February 29: Pompeo

The United States and the Afghan Taliban militant group have agreed to sign a peace deal at the end of February aimed at ending America's longest war.

According to Press TV, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the Taliban issued statements on Friday saying they had agreed to sign the deal on February 29 in the Qatari capital, Doha, following the one-week partial truce.

Pompeo said that the deal will be finalized only if a week-long cessation of hostility holds in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan's National Security Council spokesman Javed Faisal and Taliban militants earlier said the "reduction in violence" between the United States, Taliban and Afghan security forces would start on February 22.

The two sides have been in talks over the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan in return for security guarantees from the militant group.

Washington's decision to exclude Kabul from the peace talks has also received a firestorm of rebukes from the Afghan government.