May 28, 2020 04:30 UTC
  • Maduro thanks Iran for sending oil tankers; slams US for disrupting fuel shipments to Venezuela

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has thanked Iran for sending three oil tankers to his nation while slamming the US for disrupting international fuel shipments headed to the Latin American country.

According to Press TV, during a speech held in Caracas, Maduro thanked the Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, the people of Iran and the government for "their availability, their solidarity, [and] their courage, which has allowed three ships to arrive to Venezuela with gasoline and supplies for the recovery of the refineries.”

Maduro also criticized the US regime for having persecuted for more than a year all the ships and imports of supplies to produce gasoline in Venezuela.

“[The US regime] has persecuted for more than a year all the ships, all the imports of supplies to produce gasoline in Venezuela. All the ships which were bringing in gasoline,” he said.

Maduro added that the situation reached its climax recently, in February and March, but stressed,” We have resisted with a plan, we have resisted for the fundamental services, but we have not been left alone in the resistance, we have gone to the battle on a counter-offensive to guarantee the people their supply of gasoline, and we are going to guarantee it.”

"Venezuela and the people of the world have the right to economic freedom, freedom of trade, to buy and sell everything we need in the world,” he added.

Three Iranian oil-laden ships have so far reached Venezuelan shores, and two other ships are expected to arrive by June 1.