Jun 23, 2020 10:41 UTC
  •  Libya warns Egypt against military intervention; France backs Cairo

Libya’s High Council of State, an advisory body to the internationally-recognized government in the country, has warned Egypt against military intervention in Libya.

“We urge the Egyptian army not to be dragged into a gamble, whose fate will be similar to previous gambles, like the case in Yemen,” the Libyan council said in a statement on Monday, in an apparent reference to Egypt’s costly intervention in Yemen in the 1960s.

Egypt supports Libyan rebels under the command of a military strongman named Khalifa Haftar, even though reports suggested recently that Haftar himself had fallen from grace with his foreign patrons, including Egyptian President Abdel-Fatah el-Sisi.

Sisi said on Saturday that he had ordered the Egyptian military to prepare for “external military missions” in Libya “if required.”

The Libyan council also decried Sisi’s call for training and arming Libyan tribesmen as “an attempt to fuel sedition and turn Libyans against each other.”

“Libya is an independent and sovereign state, and it is the duty of Libya’s legitimate government to extend its control over the entire Libyan territory,” the council added in its statement.

Haftar and his rebels have been attempting to shore up a parallel government in Libya’s eastern Tobruk.