Jun 27, 2020 05:04 UTC

India's armed forces were highly visible near the border with China on Friday (June 26) and Thursday (June 25), as tensions in the area escalated following a deadly clash that killed 20 Indian soldiers.

On Friday, at least one helicopter and one jet aircraft were seen taking off from the northern Indian city of Leh.

On Thursday, a large Indian army convoy was seen on the roads of Sonmarg, in the Kashmir region.

Indian and Chinese troops brawled for several hours on June 15 in the Galwan Valley, a disputed Himalayan border, using stones and sticks with nails embedded in them to beat each other, killing 20 Indian soldiers and injuring at least 76 more. China has not disclosed how many casualties its troops suffered.

After senior military commanders held talks this week, both sides have since agreed to disengage their troops on the disputed border.

But in satellite images reviewed by Reuters, China appears to have added new structures near the site of the Galwan Valley clash that India says is on its side of the LAC (Line of Actual Control), the de facto border. These include camouflaged tents or covered structures and a potential new camp under construction with walls or barricades.