Jun 29, 2020 14:01 UTC
  • China to slap visa restrictions on Americans over Hong Kong

China says it will slap visa restrictions on Americans with bad records in Hong Kong-related issues, criticizing Washington for attempts to throw a wrench in a national security law planned to be introduced in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory.

“China has decided to impose visa restrictions against American individuals who have behaved egregiously on matters concerning Hong Kong,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Zhao Lijian said during a press briefing on Monday.

According to Press TV, the move comes after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Friday that it was restricting US visas for a number of unspecified Chinese officials for allegedly infringing on the autonomy of Hong Kong.

The spokesman did not specify which US individuals have been targeted.

“The US is attempting to obstruct China’s legislation for safeguarding national security in the HK SAR (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region) by imposing the so-called sanctions, but it will never succeed,” he told reporters.

“In response ... China has decided to impose visa restrictions on US individuals with egregious conduct on HK related issues,” Lijian said.

The announcement comes as China’s parliament — the National People’s Congress Standing Committee — is looking into the national security bill drafted with the aim of countering sedition, secession and subversion in Hong Kong against the mainland.

Reports say the bill has overwhelming support among the Chinese legislators.

Several protests have been held in Hong Kong over the past week against the draft law. Washington has openly voiced support for the anti-Beijing demonstrations, angering China.