Jul 02, 2020 04:45 UTC
  •  Russian president: US after ‘economically suffocating’ Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin during a video conference with his Iranian and Turkish counterparts on Syria on Wednesday said the United States seeks to ‘economically suffocate’ Syria by adopting new sanctions against the country.

According to Press TV, he said, "Despite the call from the UN Secretary General for easing the pressure of sanctions under pandemic conditions, Washington like Brussels decided to prolong measures against Syria. In addition, new sanctions presumably aimed at economically suffocating Syria have been adopted.”

The White House imposed new illegal sanctions on Syria under a the so-called the ‘Caesar Act,’ which came into force in mid-June, in a bid to increase pressure on Damascus.

The act comes at a time that Syrian government forces have been scoring victories against foreign-backed Takfiri terrorists.

The sanctions target 39 companies and individuals, including Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his wife, Asma.

The illegal the sanctions would also deny the Syrian people access to key medicine and other vital goods and services.

Iran, Russia, and Turkey have been leading a peace process for Syria known as the Astana process. Kazakhstan’s capital, Nur-Sultan, was formerly called Astana, and the city originally hosted the meetings.

The government gains in Syria have enraged Washington, which has long been collaborating with Takfiri terrorists and other anti-Damscus militants and also stealing Syria’s crude resources.