Aug 02, 2020 07:17 UTC
  • Washington, DC police release 2018 footage of killing of three black men

The Washington Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) has released video footage related to three separate incidents in 2018 in which three black men were killed by police.

The release of the video footage on Friday came after the families of the victims took legal action against MPD after the DC City Council passed an emergency reform bill in June amid worldwide protests against racial inequality and police brutality triggered by the Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd.

According to Press TV, in the first incident on May 4, Jeffrey Price, 22, was killed after a police cruiser blocked his way while he was riding an illegal motorbike.

In the the second incident on May 9, D’Quan Young, 24, was shot by an off-duty officer dressed in civilian clothes.

In the third incident on June 12, Marqueese Alston, 22, was shot during a chase by police.

The US attorney’s office for the District of Columbia, who reviewed the complaints, shelved the Young and Alston cases after the MPD’s review board said the police officers involved in the killing of the two had had justified reason to use lethal force on the two black victims.

However, the killing of Price was said to have been "preventable."

Price, who was reportedly fleeing on a stolen dirt bike was being pursued by a police cruiser  when another police  cruiser ran a stop sign and blocked his path, resulting in his death.

The video released by authorities shows the officer running a stop sign right before Price hits the police vehicle that was blocking his way.

His death was ruled an accident and his family has filed a death lawsuit, the AP reported.

During a Friday news conference, MPD Chief Peter Newsham declined to discuss the case due to the ongoing lawsuit but called Price’s death “preventable” and “a tragic accident where a young man lost his life.”

The videos were released under a sweeping reform bill passed on June 9 in the aftermath of the unjustified police killing of Floyd.