Sep 07, 2020 14:28 UTC
  • US media denounce worst Secretary of State in history

The US media have widely denounced Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has for his egregious performance in office.

In a recent opinion piece published by The Washington Post, Deputy Editorial Page Editor Jackson Diehl called him "the worst secretary of state in history."

He pointed out that Pompeo "has failed to fill dozens of senior positions at the State Department, and hundreds of career diplomats have left or been driven out in political purges."

Diehl wrote that surveys showed that people think senior leaders of the State Department "did not maintain high levels of honesty and integrity.”

 The writer said, "As secretary of state, Mike Pompeo has presided over the collapse of negotiations with North Korea, the failure of a pressure campaign against Iran and an abortive attempt to oust Venezuela's government."

According to Diehl, “Pompeo’s steering of [foreign policy] has led to some of the worst diplomatic damage the United States has suffered in decades — especially in relations with its closest allies. … The United States will stand visibly isolated. And Mike Pompeo’s tenure as history’s worst secretary of state will have reached its apotheosis.” 

In May, the New York Times also published an article titled, "Mike Pompeo Is the Worst Secretary of State Ever,” in which the newspaper said  that Pompeo “has been the worst secretary of state in American history, without a single diplomatic achievement" and "he was notorious for spending long hours at the White House sucking up to Trump."

Pompeo has said that the failure to extend a UN arms embargo on Iran was a serious mistake.

He has vowed to keep pushing for a Washington-proposed extension of the international arms embargo on Iran despite strong global opposition to this illegal embargo.

Pompeo said the Trump administration would continue its anti-Iran efforts in spite of the diplomatic defeat.