Sep 15, 2020 11:56 UTC
  • China denounces US bans on imports from Xinjiang

China says bans by the United States on imports of some products from the region of Xinjiang sabotage global supply chains.

According to Press TV, China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Wang Wenbin said on Tuesday the US restrictions “violate the rules of international trade, and disrupt global industrial, supply and value chains.”

“The so-called forced labor issue is entirely fabricated by some organizations and people in the US and the West,” he said at a daily news conference in Beijing, referring to the US pretext for the imposition of the bans.

Wenbin stressed his country’s determination to take all necessary measures to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese firms.

The US administration on Monday announced bans on products from five specific entities, but pulled back from plans for a broad import ban on cotton and tomato from Xinjiang.

The new US bans are likely to further inflame tensions between Beijing and Washington.

The US and China have been at odds over a range of issues; but recently, Washington has taken a markedly more aggressive posture against Beijing. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has openly called for regime change in China.