Sep 21, 2020 14:33 UTC
  • Russia denounces UNHRC resolution on Belarus as 'void'

Russia has denounced the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) resolution on Belarus as “legally void,” saying that it was pushed by the West to force President Alexander Lukashenko to start a dialogue with the opposition.

On Friday, the 47-member state forum in Geneva endorsed the resolution — submitted by the European Union (EU) — on Belarus, which has been the scene of protest rallies by supporters of opposition, who refuse to accept the official results of last month’s presidential election.

The resolution called on Lukashenko to enter into dialog with the opposition forces and gave the office of UN rights boss Michelle Bachelet a mandate to closely monitor the situation in the East European nation.

The Russian Foreign Ministry denounced the resolution in a statement on Monday.

“We assume that the UNHRC resolution was jammed through by the West in violation of principles and norms of the international law and that it is legally void,” it said.

Belarus has denounced the debate as interference in its internal affairs. It is not currently a member of the council and could not block the resolution.

It has also denounced the EU for meddling it the country’s election after the EU’s high representative for foreign affairs refused to recognize Lukashenko as Belarus’ president and a resolution by the European Parliament called for unconstitutional change of power in that country.

After it was announced that Lukashenko had won a sixth term as president, opposition candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya alleged voting fraud and claimed that she had won the election.